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Sep 17, 2008

Best time to visit Barcelona

by InFlames20/ General

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Barcelona is by far one of the nicest cities to visit in Spain. In unique city as this one, you can visit and enjoy in elegant hotels, world-class restaurants and much more activities that can be found only in Barcelona. Very impressive are also museums, theatres and art galleries, but night life in Barcelona is absolutely interesting and very popular too.


You could assume that the best time to visit Barcelona would be summer. I’m afraid you assumed wrong. Yes, summer is the sunniest and the hottest time of the year in Barcelona, but because of that is the most crowded time of the year. Everyone is on their vacations, beaches are filled with people so it’s very hard to find a towel-space and it’s also very humid. So I suggest you not to travel to Barcelona in July in August.


The best time to visit Barcelona is almost during the whole year (except two months mentioned above). There are few reasons for that, there is not much rain during the whole year and winters are very mild. But if you are to planning to visit Barcelona during Christmas holidays, I suggest you to visit this wonderful city in April, June and September.


Catalans (people that live and are born in Barcelona) are known for their independent spirit and their sense of humor. But unfortunately if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll have big problems understanding it. Language can be serious problem for English-speaking tourist in Barcelona since there are not many people speak English. That also goes for the hotels. There are no signboards in English and if you do not speak Spanish (or preferably Catalan), you are better off with a phrase book to guide you around. As for the prices, Barcelona can be as expensive as you want it to be. Barcelona is relatively rich, so prices are much higher than places elsewhere in Spain.


Now that you know when to visit Barcelona (spring time is the best time), you would probably like to know what to do while you are there. Luckily for you, there are dozens things that you can do, from viewing amazing architecture, art and museums to great and romantic walks, best city views and colorful nigh life. The choice is completely yours, have fun.

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