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Why are visas necessary for some countries?  by nanni 1 19 1 week ago
Best moments on your latest travel  by quintin248 1 16 1 week ago
The most important thing you have learned while traveling  by aileen 1 16 1 week ago
Is student ISIC card helpful?  by trudi 1 84 2 months ago
Your best travel tip ?  by karlis1547 1 23 2 months ago
Which wine is better, Italian or Franch?  by krissy 2 89 3 months ago
If you could choose, where would you travel for free?  by cati 1 44 3 months ago
Your opinion on cars vs trains?  by whittaker1381 1 39 3 months ago
Traveling with Kids  by reuven 2 942 over year ago
What is your dream hotel like?  by merrilee 2 286 over year ago
Where would you go if you could choose?  by birk1492 3 450 over year ago
Jacksparrow  by jacksparrow 1 304 over year ago
Volunteer Programs Abroad  by khatrineluz 0 416 over year ago
Do you prefer window or aisle seats?  by laurens497 2 625 over year ago
Where do I send my parents for their anniversary?  by kale438 2 378 over year ago
Best Film You have ever seen  by Born To Die 0 437 over year ago
Balinesa cooking school, how much is it?  by ivy 2 633 over year ago
Travel insurance for Puerto Escondido  by torrey1323 2 298 over year ago
why do they call pilots "captains"?  by krazyasaloon 0 432 over year ago
Can you change seat assignments-AF?  by huey1389 1 251 over year ago
Poor Customer Service On My Flight?  by jaimie993 1 233 over year ago
How do I get extra miles for awards?  by aubert1579 1 200 over year ago
How do you upgrade milage?  by denver 1 180 over year ago
Is snowboarding OK in ski-designated areas?  by zaccaria1934 3 229 over year ago
Can you split your FF miles?  by tomas 1 296 over year ago
Is Baggage Limit the same everywhere?  by eugenius780 1 192 over year ago
who pays for hotel if you have to stay overnight due to late/missed flights?  by trueman507 1 220 over year ago
AF upper deck  by cameron1545 1 187 over year ago
I need get a credit for my flight?  by julie1877 1 265 over year ago
Is there a way to sneak into the first class?  by darlleen 3 572 over year ago
Can you trade your miles for a phone?  by ruben 1 199 over year ago
Impact of high humidity on the human body?  by nico1611 1 294 over year ago
Where can you travel in Feb?  by sherm561 1 176 over year ago
When your passport gets stolen?  by rafael1653 1 291 over year ago
Layover Bad Stories-Share yours!  by roddy 1 220 over year ago
Do they compensate for the lost luggage somehow?  by wilek584 1 214 over year ago
Which to choose: Speedlink or National Express?  by chrisy 1 173 over year ago
Venetian or Venezia - What you heard or expereinced?  by ikey605 1 218 over year ago
Aust-NZ  by livvvya 1 352 over year ago
I have 15,000 miles and they are about to expire! What can I do?  by ron1529 1 297 over year ago
I bought return ticket but I'm not fluing back! Can I get a refund?  by lance321 1 278 over year ago
Where to travel for Mother's Day?  by anneliese 1 219 over year ago
Are promo codes found online any worth?  by chrisy 1 226 over year ago
Do you ever use guide books?  by dionysus950 1 203 over year ago
Family trip questions  by bradney 1 246 over year ago
Troubles finding the best destination  by blakelee 1 221 over year ago
Visiting Vancouver during the Winter Olympics '10  by daryle400 2 292 over year ago
Bringing my dog on the airplane?  by maris 1 313 over year ago
Suggestions for small Gulf coast beach town?  by averill1881 1 249 over year ago
what do you do when you have a loud jerk sitting around you?  by rock 1 246 over year ago
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