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Transportation to/from Middle East

Discuss about transportation infrastructure, railways, roads, highways, airports in Middle East, share your experience and write reviews about air transport companies, car rental possibilities and security measures for transport in Middle East region.
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Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?  by annemarie 1 174 9 months ago
travel alone in dubai  by trenna 2 587 over year ago
Travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai  by doretta 1 322 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "How to organize a trip before you travel?"  by InFlames20 1 353 over year ago
How safe is it to rent a car in Israel?  by prinz1337 1 273 over year ago
Cheap flights into Riyadh  by urbano 1 371 over year ago
By car from Bahrain to Riyadh  by eustace1324 1 358 over year ago
New Dubai car hire regulations  by nico 1 300 over year ago
Egyptian car to Jordan  by godart 1 308 over year ago
is it possible to travel from lebanon to israel?  by kenneth539 1 357 over year ago
Hamburg to UAE  by lucais801 1 311 over year ago
luggage storage at Cairo Intl Airport?  by poomsae traveler 0 618 over year ago
Crossing from Lebanon to Syria  by fonz905 1 425 over year ago
Transportation and Transportation Costs in Lebanon  by fredek 1 354 over year ago
Jerusalem to Amman Airport  by con1902 1 480 over year ago
Nuweiba - Aqaba ferry and entry to Jordan  by zachariah 1 379 over year ago
Qamishle to Damascus?  by thorin 1 429 over year ago
Kurdistan from Syria  by inness1970 1 380 over year ago
Driving from Oman to Dubai  by shalna 1 445 over year ago
Driving From Dubai to Istanbul  by farley 1 399 over year ago
What about travel from Cairo to Tel Aviv?  by gonzales 1 478 over year ago
From Dubai to Muscat?  by willem 1 483 over year ago
Anyone done the Aleppo to Beirut bus ride?  by irv 1 484 over year ago
Trains from Istanbul to Tehran  by abramo 1 364 over year ago
Travelling from Beirut to Kos Greece  by quintus 1 333 over year ago
Hiring a driver while in Ethiopia  by delcine 1 387 over year ago
Boat hire Dubai  by ellerey 2 1008 over year ago
CO to Middle East  by agosto 1 338 over year ago
Arriving in Khasab  by alex 1 357 over year ago
cappadocia to syria overland  by davin 1 334 over year ago
To oman by ferry  by grady 1 338 over year ago
Zahedan to Quetta  by dew 1 380 over year ago
Trip to Oman from Dubai  by bryanty 1 536 over year ago
With Camel through Oman  by toddie 1 415 over year ago
Cheap flight to Dubai  by brana 1 365 over year ago
Dubai to Abu Dhabi with Emirates?  by ugo 1 541 over year ago
Flights from Yangoon to Dhaka?  by reggi 1 409 over year ago
Checking-in in Tel Aviv  by car 1 463 over year ago
What are prices like at dubai airport  by joana 1 539 over year ago
Getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Amman?  by matteo 1 487 over year ago
What is transportation like in Beirut?  by kelsey 1 417 over year ago
Bangladesh visa in Thailand  by milissent 1 507 over year ago
Flying from Iran to Uzbekistan/Kyrgystan  by culley 1 468 over year ago
Driving from Dubai to Muscat  by brodie 1 711 over year ago
Transport in Iran  by reinhold 1 526 over year ago
Renting a car in Kuwait  by vasily 1 521 over year ago
Damsacus to Baalbeck to Beirut  by clementine 1 446 over year ago
Is it possible to reach Pakistan-China border by bicycle?  by clevie 1 512 over year ago
How safe is for a Single Woman to travel to bangladesh?  by consolata 1 845 over year ago
Overland from Bangladesh to Myanmar  by thaddus 1 570 over year ago
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