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Transportation to/from Africa

Find cheap and safe flights to/from African destination, learn about African transportation infrastructure, find popular rent a car or rent a boat services, share your thoughts about short and safe road routes through African continent.
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Can I fly to Comoros from Europe?  by teddy645 1 37 2 months ago
How clean is Zanzibar coast line?  by jordana 1 33 2 months ago
How to get to Tanzania from Europe?  by aube1270 2 54 4 months ago
Can I get to Mauritania by train?  by alexandra 2 46 4 months ago
Comments and reviews on article "Honeymoon trip in August"  by InFlames20 0 603 over year ago
Is there an airport in Gao?  by yule 2 529 over year ago
Anyone been on the African Blue Train?  by didi 2 394 over year ago
What to watch for at Cairo Airport?  by evonne 2 490 over year ago
Is there a rent a car in Mauritania?  by laurence777 3 321 over year ago
Flight from Nairobi to Kigali  by maximilian1014 2 349 over year ago
From Cape Town to Port Elizabeth?  by franklyn 2 376 over year ago
Night driving through Chobe National Park, Botswana  by pepito1887 2 208 over year ago
From Morocco to Damascus  by rodolphe590 1 246 over year ago
renting a car in cape town  by arney1841 1 230 over year ago
Can I get to Comoros by plane and from where?  by corilla 2 431 over year ago
No charter flights out of Cameroon?  by mattheus560 3 277 over year ago
The nearest international airport to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania?  by johannes366 2 509 over year ago
Cheap trip to Mozambique from US-is it possible?  by billye 3 260 over year ago
Ethiopia airline woes  by dorise 2 264 over year ago
What is the near spot to get from to Djibouti, by plane?  by steffen 2 296 over year ago
Can Fly from Emirates to Ethiopia?  by farley 2 271 over year ago
Is traveling with Matatus in Kenya risky?  by shurwood250 2 363 over year ago
Fastest way to get to Malawi from Greese?  by jens 2 335 over year ago
What are the prices of domestic flights in Mozambique?  by osborn 2 323 over year ago
Is it dangerous to drive throw Somalia?  by herb1278 2 292 over year ago
Is it true that in Tanzania you drive on the lift side of the road?  by wilt1930 2 256 over year ago
What would you advise me to bring if driving thought Tanzania?  by park 2 279 over year ago
From Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar?  by chester210 1 272 over year ago
Self drive safari in Zambia and Zimbabwe  by witty 1 236 over year ago
Can I hire camel in Timbuktu, Mali?  by page 2 360 over year ago
I need driving recommendations for Johannesburg since I'll be there for a month  by berke1203 1 275 over year ago
Are there hand bag restrictions at BAH airport?  by case1487 1 334 over year ago
does qantas still fly from Sydney to Johannesburg?  by papagena 1 287 over year ago
Security Concerns at JNB airport!  by myrwyn1289 1 332 over year ago
What is transportation like around JNB?  by annabell 1 304 over year ago
Ferry from Malta to Tunis?  by edgard 0 663 over year ago
Renting car in Monaco  by duffie 1 314 over year ago
Flying from Seronera instead of Kilimanjaro  by hadrian 1 370 over year ago
Getting a cab in Cairo?  by marice 1 308 over year ago
israel and morocco - cheap flights?  by guilbert 1 307 over year ago
Getting to Tamarindo from Liberia?  by scarface 1 472 over year ago
First time to Egypt and Jordan  by puff 1 307 over year ago
Fly from Luxor to Sharm  by calvin 1 308 over year ago
Best Air to Tanzania  by mervin 1 308 over year ago
Istanbul to Cairo Cost  by dannel 1 323 over year ago
Driving from Sabi Sands to Mpumalanga airport  by homerus 1 441 over year ago
Car hire with TomTom?  by thaddeus 1 469 over year ago
Cheap flights to Tanzania – any help welcome  by ricki 1 408 over year ago
Renting a car in Lilongwe  by raddie 1 353 over year ago
How frequent is Ethiopian Airlines?  by marlon 1 386 over year ago
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