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Middle East destinations – Reviews and experiences

Share your experiences and write/read reviews about Middle East destinations, currency issues, popular tourist resorts, vacation in Yemen, political situation in Iraq, attractions in Israel, religious monuments in Saudi Arabia, or attractive Egyptian vacation places on Red Sea.
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Syria, Jordan, Israel suggestions  by emmet1682 1 208 9 months ago
November Egypt/Jordan Trip  by lindsay1455 1 75 9 months ago
Any nice beaches in Khobar?  by collie 3 605 over year ago
Cool places in Tel Aviv  by chaim1925 2 757 over year ago
What is the best time of year to go to Riyadh?  by nestor 4 796 over year ago
Place to stay in Aqaba  by gabie 4 370 over year ago
is it safe to travel to the middle east now?  by early979 2 334 over year ago
Oman December?  by judd 2 365 over year ago
Electric plugs in Iran  by mortie1694 2 417 over year ago
where should I live in Dubai?  by yorgos817 2 339 over year ago
Is airport near the centre of Riyadh?  by abeu1820 4 425 over year ago
What is the taxi service in Riyadh?  by humphrey 4 408 over year ago
Where are the deserts in the Midlle East??  by Born To Die 0 491 over year ago
Syrian Visa for US Citizens  by dunstan2047 2 406 over year ago
Dubai visa for Irish citizen  by lauritz60 2 771 over year ago
beaches in Syria  by hobey1401 2 324 over year ago
Jordan travel tips  by shelton430 2 363 over year ago
Saudi Driving Licence based on US Licence  by eward849 1 270 over year ago
Backpacker tours in Syria or Lebanon?  by ly1577 1 302 over year ago
Day tours to Jerusalem?  by silvano484 1 238 over year ago
Boozing in Yemen  by con530 1 270 over year ago
Baron vs Diwan Rasmy Hotel in Aleppo  by stanfield 1 247 over year ago
Jericho - worth the trip?  by danie998 1 204 over year ago
I had problems with Israeli Immigration!  by giffer 1 329 over year ago
Should I travel to Mecca from Riyadh by bus or by car?  by gratiana 3 786 over year ago
Possibilities for scuba diving in Jeddah?  by monroe1828 3 481 over year ago
Driving through Jordan Valley  by archy 1 274 over year ago
Border crossing from Jordan-Israel-Jordan  by anderson1038 1 339 over year ago
Itinerary help for Syria and Jordan  by lion 1 284 over year ago
Syrian visa/cost in border jordan-syria border  by giovanni935 1 329 over year ago
Studying Persian in Iran  by dario463 1 228 over year ago
Visiting Western Iran  by magnum1037 1 262 over year ago
Leaving Luggage at Dubai Airport?  by town309 1 528 over year ago
Nasty surprise for people with return tickets from Jordan  by tomi 1 198 over year ago
Israel, Petra and Egypt tour  by paco1611 1 269 over year ago
Can I Take Duty Free through Oman?  by percy 1 316 over year ago
Mansouriya Palace in Aleppo  by vinnie1611 1 311 over year ago
What's living in Abu Dhabi like?  by ardath 1 248 over year ago
which gold souk or store has the best price?  by zulema 1 248 over year ago
No knowledge of Arabic  by rolf648 1 271 over year ago
Dead Sea spas in Israel and Jordan  by robinett 1 279 over year ago
Libya vs Syria  by fritz1355 1 300 over year ago
Dubai decent central hotel and dress code for ladies  by roseanne 1 261 over year ago
Turkey to Syria to Jordan to Egypt to Mali  by charmion 1 281 over year ago
Looking for private guide to go to Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Egypt?  by tyrus658 2 279 over year ago
Djibouti Visa in Yemen  by candida 1 267 over year ago
Traveling as a Syrian National  by yoko 1 266 over year ago
Driver or tour guide in Damascus  by maxie 1 285 over year ago
Yemen visa in Djibouti or Ethiopia  by willey1068 1 278 over year ago
Malaysian in Jerusalem?  by andrea205 1 240 over year ago
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