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European destinations – Reviews and experiences

Discuss about experiences with diverse travel agency plans linked with popular European tourist destinations. Read authentic and individual reviews about traveling to Vienna, holidays in Amsterdam, parties in Berlin, attractions in Athena, or hospitality in Barcelona or Istanbul, etc.
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How much is the room in Bandol hotel on French Riviera  by nadia 1 20 2 days ago
Traveling to Venice in December?  by hanni 1 16 3 days ago
  by erich824 1 103 1 week ago
Copenhagen - One day trip- Things you can see!!!  by parke1206 1 12 1 week ago
How to Keep Your Kids at Peace When on Long Car Trips  by Taylorcarter 0 13 6 days ago
How to Travel the World As Cheap As Possible  by Taylorcarter 0 10 6 days ago
This year I will be staying in Berlin for two days-what can I see there?  by coraline 1 28 1 week ago
Girona and Figueres in Spain  by giovanni1349 3 659 11 months ago
Which part of Spain to visit?  by sheridan1786 3 347 over year ago
30 days in Greece  by mason196 3 189 over year ago
What's Zurich like in Summer?  by othilie 3 360 over year ago
Where to eat in Paris cheap?  by renard537 2 222 over year ago
Prague vs Budapest?  by pierette 2 234 over year ago
Florence in Tuscany?  by tiena 2 212 over year ago
I have some Istanbul questions  by francoise 2 181 over year ago
Name three best cities in Europe!!!  by ludovico 2 190 over year ago
Things to see in Frankfurt?  by delmor 2 266 over year ago
How can you get Real Madrid tickets?  by gilles664 2 238 over year ago
Greece-islands or mainland?  by kenyon642 2 295 over year ago
Florence Restaurant recommendations  by lucila 2 245 over year ago
What do people think of Valencia in Spain.  by chithanh119 2 305 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "Recommended food and restaurants in Kusadasi, Turkey"  by Jen 0 388 over year ago
Where is McDonalds restaurant in Ljubljana?  by conant1461 3 437 over year ago
Europa Park in Germany - best day of week to visit?  by Born To Die 0 370 over year ago
Where can you smoke in Paris?  by rice1589 2 382 over year ago
Are public toilets free in Paris  by artur1441 2 200 over year ago
Madrid in Autumn?  by suzi 2 196 over year ago
Where can I find cheap lady's cloths in London  by gothart 2 200 over year ago
Where can I get best wines in Paris ?  by matteo 2 206 over year ago
How Many Days is Needed to see Barcelona?  by deck 2 194 over year ago
Is it safe to walk alone at night on the streets of London?  by hall1915 2 202 over year ago
What was your best Holiday Experience in Europe ?  by ruthlopez22 4 369 over year ago
Comments and reviews on article "The Red Island in Croatia - where the beauty of reality goes beyond  by Jen 0 870 over year ago
Are there cultural differences between East and West Germany?  by vanya 2 2088 over year ago
What museums in Sarajevo I should visit?  by ivar1761 3 330 over year ago
The best lunch ever in Paris  by catherin 2 208 over year ago
What are Portugal Beaches Like?  by lancelot572 2 174 over year ago
Tipping in Amsterdam  by tito 2 210 over year ago
How big is Andorra ?  by branden2012 2 258 over year ago
Goteborg tips?  by tabbie1955 1 166 over year ago
Lyon Solo Trip  by ossie 1 215 over year ago
Touring Sicily  by deeann 1 165 over year ago
Having lunch at Taillevant! Is there a dress code?  by nye1836 1 185 over year ago
Is Madrid safe after the therorist attack?  by bessy 1 163 over year ago
Where can you find non-ordinary souvenirs in London?  by gayler324 1 160 over year ago
Warsaw vs. Krakow in Poland, Can't make both of the cities  by rheta 1 241 over year ago
Vevey and Lake Geneva in Switz  by washington362 1 182 over year ago
Next stop: Brussels  by terrill1652 1 211 over year ago
Is there any free beach in Budva, Montenegro?  by richy 2 235 over year ago
Can I see some war monuments in Sarajevo?  by north943 2 182 over year ago
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