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Emirates plane in flights to Hong Kong?

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Joined: 16 May 2004
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Posted: 06/11/07 - 10:44    Post subject:

Can anyone tell me what is good connection to Hong Kong. I fly with EK and like their service. I have never been to Hong Kong, so I dont know how are the connections. My business will inquire for me to go from Dubai to Hong Kong quite often. So please can you tell me something about that. Thank you.
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Joined: 02 Feb 2004
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Posted: 06/18/07 - 02:33    Post subject:

Emirates has plane connections for flights from Dubai to Hong Kong . You have connection Heathrow-Dubai-Hong Kong and back. Because you are from Dubai, your line is plaine and you dont have to worry because that connection is good. Because that plain goes from Heathrow it makes stop in Dubai that can be long for several hours. I used once that connection and 3 and the half hours bored me to death. But if you are going to travel a lot, you will have to get use to late take of, or late arrival, or long lines. But if the lounge is good and cozy, waiting can be a nice break from travel.
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