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Ciudad Perdida in five days - is it possible?

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Posted: 05/27/08 - 06:38    Post subject:

I have decided to treat myself with and active vacation after sitting at my office desk for moths. I really can’t stand closed space any more. In order to boos my adrenaline I have chosen Columbia. I’d like to visit Ciudad Perdida and I need some information about it. Is it possible to visit it in five days? What are your experiences with this place?
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Posted: 06/07/08 - 21:08    Post subject:

That is a great itinerary but I still have to remind you that there were some unpleasant goings-on and that there was a certain hostage crisis. Namely, some tourists were kidnapped while they were visiting this place. But as I know the situation has been normalized. I know that there are six-day tours to this place and it requires a lot of walking as one has to walk for about 40 kilometers in order to reach this site. This package has a one-night stay in a nearby city. I think that the price for the whole package is pretty affordable and that it is no more that 300 dollars. This seems like a really refreshing vacation after days spent in the office, I must admit.
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