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Cirque Niagara

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Posted: 04/04/08 - 10:00    Post subject:

I have recently planned to travel to Canada. I have heard there is an excellent production by Cirque Niagara and some of my friends have told me I should go see it while being there. I do not have much time, so I would not want to waste it. If anyone can tell me whether that production is really so valuable, that would be great.
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Joined: 20 Feb 2007
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Posted: 04/08/08 - 22:18    Post subject:

The show produced by Cirque Niagara is called Avaia and many people in Canada have already named it a classic, and rightly so. It is really a masterpiece, one of the best ever seen in Canada. No matter how much time you have if there is a show at the time of your visit, do not miss the opportunity to visit. I suggest you go to for more information about it. All in all, you should definitely save some time for it, and it is certain you will not regret it. In fact, it is possible you will come back again, and again to see that show.
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