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Christmas/New Year in Prague

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Posted: 06/29/08 - 10:29    Post subject:

Hi, people. My family and I are thinking of spending Christmas and New Year in Prague. I wonder how Prague is during these holidays. Is everything closed? Can someone retell me their experiences? I am a fan of celebrating New Years Eve outdoor, so is my family. Thanks for all further answers.
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Joined: 08 Dec 2004
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Posted: 07/03/08 - 00:48    Post subject:

Hi to yourself. I spent last Christmas in Prague. Well it is also a holiday in Czech Republic, so expect that most stores and restaurants will be closed. Its better that you book your accommodation and a place where you will eat in advance. But, even almost nothing works for Christmas, the town itself is beautiful and you can just walk along and see the great architecture with your family. I wasnt there for New Years Eve, but I heard that it had been crowded the year before, especially around Wenceslas Square. Bars were open and the people were celebrating. Be aware of thieves. They can take your valets and you wont even notice it. I heard that some museums had worked. So, my guess is that Prague is livelier during the New Years Eve than on Christmas. But still, it doesnt diminish its beauty. On the contrary, its beauty is stroked when its all quiet.
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Thur Henrik

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Posted: 07/07/08 - 09:22    Post subject: Prague in winter


I stayed in Prague last winter and I'd say it's amazing!!

Because when Prague is covered with snow it looks incredibly magic

I´d recommend to book hotel on the website Their services are quick and cheap. I was satisfied and want to go to Prague again.

wish you a good stay!!!!
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