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Choosing between 4 hotels in Tokyo

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Posted: 09/02/08 - 09:59    Post subject:

Hello! Heres what's bothering me. I've been offered to make a list of four hotels in Tokyo where I'd like to stay while I'm in Japan. But I've never been to Japan before. So can you help. By the way, I can only stay in one of them but I have to name four. Hope I'm not asking too. much! Thanks!
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Joined: 22 Dec 2004
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Posted: 10/02/08 - 02:56    Post subject:

Hi! May I suggest you choose your hotels by the location. Narita is very near the International Airport, Hilton Narita perhaps, but Minatoku is another good idea, because it is central area of Tokyo, with many international known hotels, and you couldnt make a mistake even if you tried. Check out for the Palace Hotel, Imperial Hotel or Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel, theyre all good.
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