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China vs. Japan for honeymoon travel?

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Posted: 01/19/08 - 07:44    Post subject:

My wife to be and I are trying to agree on where we will spend our honeymoon. Both of us are sure that we would like it to be somewhere in Asia, but she is more for going to China, while I am more for the other option – Japan. Is there anyone who could tell us which would be better choice for honeymoon travel?

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Joined: 26 Oct 2005
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Posted: 02/14/08 - 23:11    Post subject:

Well, both of the destinations are equally attractive, and I have to admit that I would also have hard time deciding where to go for this occasion. I guess that you cannot make a bad choice, whichever country that you choose. So, my advice is (if you cannot agree on this) to let your future wife decide.
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