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China and Tibet Rail in October 2008

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Posted: 07/20/08 - 09:27    Post subject:

Ni Hao! As you can maybe guessed already I am planning to go to China in October this year. I will be for ten days in Shanghai and then a week in Beijing. This should be really a great experience and I am so looking forward. I thought to maybe give train ride a chance for passing this destination. Another thing is wondering my mind to maybe go Tibet while i have already put my feet on Asian ground. Have you ever traveled by China and Tibet Rail? I know this is a huge land so there is a matter of different weather conditions, and it will be October so I am just collecting info so I could know what to expect.
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Posted: 08/19/08 - 03:43    Post subject:

Hmm should I say take a plane ride instead? Well I have been in Beijing in April time once and I suppose to go see a friend in Shanghai and pass that destination by train. Guess what I gave up! I was poor with money cause it was the end of my journey and I heard people complaining about the Chinese rail all the time, how they have wasted 12-17 hours on that ride for which they paid 100 or 150 euros, which I really wasnt willing to do. As I said was lousy with the money at that time. Fact is dont expect a comfy ride much, it is the busiest and largest rail and most important it is a huge nation so trains can be really over packed sometimes. Take in consideration that you are going in October so then for sure will be much worse weather then it was in April. But it is completely your call!
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