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China and Thailand August trip

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Posted: 06/13/08 - 05:07    Post subject:

Ill be in Asia during august. Since I know that at certain countries its monsoon season, Im wondering whether its the right time to visit China and Thailand. What are the usual tourist activities at that period? I know that I should have chosen some other time to visit Asia, but it was impossible because of my business. Any hints about the itinerary?
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Posted: 06/20/08 - 01:46    Post subject:

In China there is no monsoon season. Its comparatively hot, which is not that big a problem as high level of humidity. When I was in China in August, I could hardly breathe due to humidity. For me its much worse than when temperatures are extremely high with a low level of humidity. There are no national holidays in August which means that youll avoid crowds, and thats good. As for Thailand, its true that there is a monsoon season and Im not sure but I think that its during August. Its not dangerous or something, its just that it would completely ruin you holiday because showers of rain doesnt seem to stop for weeks. But, Ive heard that there are various celebrations in August in Thailand and that means lot of fun.
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