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Chicago to Jakarta

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Posted: 05/21/08 - 10:11    Post subject:

How far is Jakarta from Chicago? Im planning to go to vacation there and Im wondering whether there is a direct line of I will have to go to New York to catch my flight. Whats the price of the ticket and how long does a flight last? I have this fear of flying and Im pretty uncomfortable during long flights.
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Joined: 26 Oct 2007
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Posted: 06/19/08 - 21:58    Post subject:

It such an exotic destination. There is some good news. You dont have to go to New York in order to catch a flight. There is a direct flight form Chicago to Jakarta. Actually its not a direct since there are two stopovers, usually at Los Angeles and Singapore. I know this sounds complicated but it will be easier for you because youd have time to rest. The flight lasts for about twenty four hours. The price of the ticket is about 2400 USD. You can, for example, get a room at the airport during the stopover and get some sleep and reach Jakarta fresh. Its not that big a deal and during the flight youll forget about your fear.
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