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Cheapest ticket for airplane from Malta to NY

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Posted: 07/01/08 - 08:33    Post subject:

I need your help. This year, my parents have managed to save some money and to give me a trip to Malta as a present for my successful graduation. I have some savings of my own and that will do for food and fun there. But since I think that I will have the opportunity to visit New York this year and I will have accommodation for free I think that the most affordable way would be to go there directly from Malta. Can you tell me how much the cheapest ticket from Malta to NY costs?
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Posted: 07/20/08 - 22:14    Post subject:

I also think that you will save some money if you don’t go back home first and spend additional money for a plane ticket to there. I suppose that there are some budget airlines covering the distance from Malta to NY and the best solution would be to check this out the minute you get to La Valetta’s airport. If your trip is a done deal, then I would also suggest you to book a ticket because during the season peak tickets can be sold out very quickly. Anyway, you should also check last minute offers on a regular basis because people tend to cancel their trips all the time and you can even find economy class for the price of a budget ticket if you are lucky.
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