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Cheapest Airfare to Cancun?

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Posted: 7/26/08 6:20 AM
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I am heading to Cancun, Mexico in three weeks. I also thought of going to Brazil, but it is just too far and expensive. Even Cancun was questionable because of the lack of money. Luckily, some friends also decided to go with me, and with them my financial status went up at least one level! So, what would be the cheapest airfare to Cancun?
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Posted: 8/11/08 6:20 PM
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You have chosen the right place for a summer vacation. Even though the September is very near, the weather is still warm and beautiful for water sports (which I adore) and all sorts of other activities. As for cheaper flights, perhaps you could try with, I know for certain that they fly to Cancun and that the prices are more than reasonable.
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Posted: 8/18/09 5:25 AM
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The single biggest factor in finding the biggest Cancun airfare discounts. For example, when you flew to Cancun over the Millennium, it cost you $1200 per person! However, if you were to fly today, it would only be $350. Quite a difference! How do you know when the right time to go is?

1. Fly to Cancun during off-peak seasons (fall and late spring are best).
2.Fly to Cancun mid-week instead of on Mondays, Fridays, or Weekends.
3.Make sure to include a Saturday night stay in Cancun.
4.Avoid holidays at all costs, especially Christmas.
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