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Cheaper to buy Emirates tickets on line

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Posted: 05/17/08 - 08:00    Post subject:

This internet is really the best product of 20'th century. Now days you can see, learn, buy, even you can find your partner online. The thing that is interesting is that we allow big companies, strange people in our homes. We even buy thing that we didnt plan to. And how to resist when the offers are so good. Did you know that buying Emirates tickets is cheaper online.
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Posted: 05/22/08 - 03:28    Post subject:

Hey, I saw that also. I dont know how that is payable for them but it is really cheaper to buy Emirates tickets online. I live in UK, and I have got the mail about it. If I remember correctly they offered double miles if I book flight on-line. I always wanted to go to Emirates and that is sure very good offer. I only dont know if it is very hard to get visa. When is cheap I always ask my self is it for real or is it some fraud. But I can tell you that that offer made me to think well, even to think twice before I decided. And I decided to go next year. I always decide to go somewhere next year and I never do. Do you know what will be the nice thing: If you buy car online they give you motorcycle like bonus.I know, I know it is to much, but when you dream, dream all the way.
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