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Cheaper hotels in Ukraine?

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Posted: 06/15/08 - 04:03    Post subject:

Hello there! This year I’m going on a couple of filed trips and I plan to travel through Europe with my friends. Being a student, I don’t have too much money and I will have to settle for some low budget accommodation options. First we’re traveling to Ukraine and I’d like to know about cheaper hotels in this country. What would you suggest me?
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Posted: 07/01/08 - 23:28    Post subject:

Don’t take me for granted but I think that Ukraine is a generally speaking a pretty modest country and that the people there are not very affluent. That is why I suppose that there is a great number of pretty affordable hotels in this country. I assume that you are going to stay in Kiev since it is the largest city and the capital and I will focus on budgets hotel there. There is this hotel, Kozatsky, situated in central part of the city and this will be good for sightseeing. It is a two-star facility and I can’t tell you much about the hygiene there, but I reckon that you will handle it somehow. The prices are comparatively low and when you get there, you can find something else if you don’t like this one.
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