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Cheap way to visit Congo

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Posted: 08/13/07 - 09:07    Post subject:

I live in London and am planning on going to Africa this summer. Last summer I visited Kenya and was on 9 days safari but this time I am interested in cheap way to visit Congo and it is not like I would just like staying in Kinshasa these 12 days. Actually I need some info on cheap way to visit Congo including having flight from London or Kinshasa I guess and if possible some organized Congo tour.
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Posted: 08/20/07 - 00:19    Post subject:

Any Congo tour is about safari but it is not the one you had in Kenya for in Congo you would see gorillas but also these Congo tours includes nature trips known as mountain gorilla safari or if you prefer there is another opt such as lowland gorilla safari –I was so enthusiastic with this trip and with these animals and it is not like you need some English tour operator to make this trip if you are interested in cheap way to visit Congo. Anyway I am not familiar with the possibility of having whole package of this visit along with air ticket. The thing is that I just landed at Kinshasa and from here I started this tour that has cost 1990 $ without air ticket-but trust me this opt was almost the cheapest way of visiting Congo and it takes 9 days exactly and it involves going through the tropical forest and having a gorilla tracking in few National parks and I stayed for about a whole hour near a gorilla family watching them –I even took some photos of them. This trip also includes navigation of Lake Kivu and also the trip involves visit to another beautiful Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda where you will see some of the most beautiful birds also. Anyway the last stop is Kampala where from you take a flight back to Kinshasa. I don't know if you consider this cheap way to visit Congo but I assure you it is worth any penny.
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