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Cheap flights to Ibiza

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Posted: 06/21/08 - 09:28    Post subject:

Is there anyone who could tell me if it is possible to find cheap flights to Ibiza and how, or which airline companies usually offer them? I would so much like to spend my summer holiday there, but when I heard about the price for the ticket, I realized I cannot afford it. So, I was thinking, if I could find a cheaper way to get there, it would not be impossible to arrange something.

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Joined: 21 Aug 2004
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Posted: 07/01/08 - 03:56    Post subject:

Well, even though I am not so thoroughly familiar with flights to Ibiza, I am sure that you will be able to find something if you do even a brief research on the internet, and check all the airlines which have flights to Ibiza, and their prices. If you book a flight early enough you will most likely save a significant amount of money by doing that.
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