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Cheap accomodation in Zagreb

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Posted: 05/28/09 - 04:51    Post subject:

Hi, guys. I am a student from Poland and I would like to visit Croatia. I have some friends from the internet in Zagreb and I would like to visit them. Since I wont oblige them to arrange my accomodation, I would like to ask you to recommend me some cheap places to stay in Zagreb. I will appreciate your suggestions a lot.
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Posted: 06/07/09 - 01:37    Post subject:

Hello, there. You can find some cheap and decent accommodation in Zagreb. Since you are a student, I think you will be satisfied by several hostels you can find there. I stayed in Ravnice Youth Hostel during my last visit to Zagreb. The hostel has a wonderful garden. It is in the safer area of Zagreb and it has a fantastic location. You can walk to park-forest Maximir, caf bars, restaurants and other things this citys centre has to offer you. I met some people from Hostel Lika and they were also satisfied. You can also search for private apartments. I saw on the internet Poljak Apartment, Pekas Apartments and Apartment Lessi. I hope you will have a nice stay there.
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