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Cheap accomodation in Saint Petersburg

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Posted: 09/06/08 - 09:38    Post subject:

Six of us are traveling around Europe and we want to see as much as possible. Were students and that means our budget is very limited. We easily find accommodation in Western Europe since there are many specialized hostels for young people, but next week were planning to go to Saint Petersburg and we dont know much about it. Where can we find cheap accommodation there? Thanks.
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Joined: 17 Apr 2005
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Posted: 10/06/08 - 03:11    Post subject:

I have a friend who visited Saint Petersburg and he said he had a great time there. I think its also easy to find a cheap accommodation there just like in Western Europe. He stayed at some youth hostel and didnt spend much money there. I once visited Russia, but that was during the communist regime and it was beautiful, but somehow sad and poor. But nowadays, I think the situation is much better and its closer to the Western Europe. Id like to visit St. Petersburg because Ive seen the photos and its stunning. Youll maybe be able to see the white nights, since St. Petersburg is in the polar circle.
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