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Cheap Hotel or any kind of accommodations In Ranong

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Joined: 19 Oct 2007
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Posted: 03/12/08 - 08:00    Post subject:

Hi there! Ive heard a lot about Ranong and decided to spend my vacation there. But, since Im not ready to pay too much for it, Im wondering if somebody can recommend me a cheap hotel. It actually doesnt matter if its shabby or far from the beach, as long as the room has a bed and a toilet. Many thanks.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2004
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Posted: 03/20/08 - 03:59    Post subject:

You dont have to agree with me, but I think that it would be a huge shame to go to such a paradise on earth and waste your stay in a slum! You wouldnt be able to experience the beauty of the place. Maybe its better to go some place less exclusive and rent a decent hotel room for the money youre ready to spend and visit Ranong when you have more money at your disposal, because I repeat, its almost a sacrilege to go there under such circumstances. Think about it.
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