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Chalbi Desert

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Posted: 10/25/07 - 04:07    Post subject:

I am planning on spending a vacation in Kenya so am actually interested if there is any Chalbi desert tour that would also include Lake Turkana visit and I would like if this Chalba desert tour takes no less than 7 days. This would be my first stay at one desert so would appreciate much if someone give me some details about what to bring with myself on this Chalbi desert tour.
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Posted: 11/13/07 - 01:36    Post subject:

The most important think is to bring a lot of water though Chalbi desert is not like Sahara but still it is unbelievable hot there and sleeping bag of course and I don’t know whatever else you think you need. I went on Chalbi desert tour last year and it was amazing if you ask me but I still won’t recommend going near Ethiopian or Sudan border for the occasional ethnic tensions. So maybe the best Chalbi tour that would fit you is the one that takes 8 days and starts from Nairobi and the first night I have spent in camp near Ewaso Nyiro River. The next day of this Chalbi Desert tour takes you to Samburu where you will be located in a National Park and I loved this site for there you may see elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes. Than you go toward Marsabit where you set up a camp near to a volcanic crater where you spent the night and the next day you are back again at the Chalbi Desert. Anyway the fifth day I think you are about to reach Lake Turkana and you may finally get relaxed bathing in the lake –I enjoyed it. And than you have one day left to visit a forested area near the Lake Turkana and the last day you should be driving back up to Nairobi.
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