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Central/Latin America destinations – Reviews and experiences

Share your experiences about political and economical situation in Guatemala, about security measures in Nicaragua, or prices and currency exchange services in Panama. Read how to spend quality holidays in Costa Rica and relax on popular Mexican Gulf destinations.
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Is Tulum Beach a sandy beach  by bernardine 1 20 3 days ago
Solo female trip to Mexico?  by freida 1 23 4 days ago
Any interesting ruins to see in Cartago?  by joshia1676 4 509 over year ago
Restaurant Suggestions in Cancun?  by howey1420 2 239 over year ago
Beaches in Monteevideo?  by nikolas830 2 433 over year ago
What's Weather in Cancun in December like?  by flory 3 2292 over year ago
Where can you get rest in Mex City?  by alvin716 2 343 over year ago
Want to visit Buccoo Reef in Trinidad & Tobago?!  by hew 2 319 over year ago
How often are Kidnappings in Mexico City?  by bram1035 1 315 over year ago
Learning Spanish in Ecuador?  by darcey 1 246 over year ago
Anyone used Cantamar Condos on Cozumel?  by thain 1 206 over year ago
Did you visit Parque Papagayo amusement park in Acapulco?  by aluin612 2 209 over year ago
Catch and release policy for fishers in Puerto Escondido  by rabi 2 179 over year ago
Anthony's Key In Roatan?  by kaine1580 1 229 over year ago
Luxurious resorts in Mexico?  by cobbie 1 226 over year ago
Is Mexico City Airport Dangerous?  by fernando1154 1 243 over year ago
Is $489 for all-Inclusive 7Night Cancun Vacation a good deal?  by clive 1 279 over year ago
Fishing opportunities in Mazatlan?  by collin233 1 184 over year ago
What does one have to see in Cancun?  by padraig917 1 202 over year ago
Is travelling inside Mexico a good idea?  by ibrahim758 1 205 over year ago
Do you need a Tourist Card for Ensenada?  by dexter1819 1 182 over year ago
Winter Travel to Mexico?  by giacobo 1 198 over year ago
Excursions to Lake Tahoe?  by jule1278 1 308 over year ago
Playing Golf in Cancun?  by cassey 2 276 over year ago
Have you seen a sunset in Ciudad Juarez?  by clotilda 1 205 over year ago
Can you enter Mexico without a passport stamp?  by sven242 1 197 over year ago
Angel Falls in Venezuela?  by leon 1 185 over year ago
I have only two days to spend in Mexico City!  by jacobo 1 189 over year ago
Place for dinning on Paradise Beach?  by lorelei 1 291 over year ago
Is there an entrance fee to Paradise Beach?  by ernestine 1 185 over year ago
Eastern vs Western Mexico?  by lindi 1 204 over year ago
Mexico-Holiday Ideas?  by olympie 1 229 over year ago
Where to eat best Mexican food in Merida?  by christophe381 1 220 over year ago
Nice places to rest on the way to Chichen Itza from Acapulco  by karim928 1 186 over year ago
Tikal National Park in Guatemala is so amazing!  by reine 2 236 over year ago
Amazing ruins in Tikal National Park in Guatemala  by loella 2 233 over year ago
Any Mayan sites near Tulum beach?  by pen564 2 203 over year ago
Biggest giftshop in Belmopan?  by kriste 3 243 over year ago
Nice hotel in Belmopan?  by keri 3 243 over year ago
Can I take a boat from Livingstone to Punta Gorda?  by stephanus 3 230 over year ago
Any nice beach in Punta Gorda?  by ceil 3 222 over year ago
Are you planning to go to Lubaantun?  by milty 3 236 over year ago
Any place for eating in Lubaantun?  by umberto898 3 205 over year ago
Is zoo in Ciudad Quesada interesting place?  by jule 3 240 over year ago
What to do in Ciudad Quesada for weekend?  by kamilah 3 342 over year ago
HELP with Galapagos islands itinerary  by margette 1 267 over year ago
Punta Banda Reviews?  by nelson1458 1 225 over year ago
Tours in/around Puerto Vallarta ?  by felix1472 1 228 over year ago
Traveling through Mexico  by aymer 1 214 over year ago
What are driving laws in Mexico?  by shalom1514 1 216 over year ago
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