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Casablanca report from a domestic Moroccan

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Joined: 19 May 2005
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Posted: 08/28/07 - 06:20    Post subject:

I am planning on visiting Casablanca and would greatly appreciate to hear some Casablanca report from a domestic Moroccan if it is possible from here. Anyway I would also like to hear whether the august is good time for paying a visit to Casablanca and what is the best place at Casablanca for stay from a domestic Moroccan point of view. And one more thing I am interested in getting to know Morocco much further so what are other Moroccan places to visit? Thanks!
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Joined: 03 Jun 2006
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Posted: 09/24/07 - 22:06    Post subject:

I am not a born Moroccan but I consider Casablanca my second home for I live here more than 10 years so having a Casablanca report from me would be like getting it from a domestic Moroccan and maybe mine report could be even better for I have visited almost each corner of Morocco more frequently than domestic Moroccans do. I love Casablanca for it is a beautiful city worth of visiting and I love people here but still I need to tell you if I were you I would never visit Casablanca alone so you better go with somebody or even better be a part of an organized tourist group in which manner you would visit the most Casablanca’s sites and plus you may have an organized tour all the way down to Tiznit in the meantime visiting Marrakech and Agadir and the august is perfect for visiting Casablanca and especially hitting further south and going to some almost undiscovered beaches on the Atlantic coast such as Sidi Idni.
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