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Casablanca and Marrakech restaurants

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Posted: 08/29/08 - 08:44    Post subject:

I think I am making some kind of chat about food in general thread here. I must say that I really liked the time that I have spend in Morocco this year and in a way got captured with their cuisine. So we are going to talk about food and restaurants there, if you dont mind? I would like to read about your opinions about restaurants in Casablanca and Marrakech or if you havent been there, which Casablanca, Marrakech or Moroccan restaurant you like. Every thought and opinion is welcomed!
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Posted: 09/15/08 - 22:45    Post subject:

I think you can in Casablanca get a nice domestic meal for a very cheap price, while restaurants that are making Moroccan food are just being sometimes too expensive. I was in Casablanca once and found nice simple restaurants that are making such a delicious couscous for just about 2 or 3 bucks in Rue Chaoui while in Marrakech nothing can beat food made on a Jemma al-Fnaa square. Real domestic cuisine can only be tasted in places like these when you are surrounded with ordinary people. I think its the only way t feel the right atmosphere of one land. You know what I hate, most of the restaurants with the name Casablanca are actually serving some regular dishes and not following the tradition that suppose to come with that name, apart the Casablanca restaurant in Philadelphia that I kind of liked.

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