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Cape town and J'Burg

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Posted: 09/04/07 - 09:17    Post subject:

I am a backpacker and I have saw half of the world like this and this summer I am planning on going to Cape town and J’burg and since this would be my first visit to South Africa I would like to hear something about Cape town and J’Burg and especially what are these cities alike for backpackers? Thanks!
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Posted: 09/09/07 - 22:22    Post subject:

Well being a backpacker and not visiting J’Burg is a huge mistake for I suppose you know that J’Burg is the gateway for backpackers and so it is the place where in each moment you could bump up to a backpacker. The same way I visited J’Burg and in a hostel I managed to get familiar with few of them and after a few days we decided to visit Cape Town by the train and though we were recommended reaching the Cape Town by air for it is much faster and safer for the car incidents are very common there regarding the fact that there are many people driving without license. So we decided to get to the Cape Town by train and if you ask me Cape Town is much more worth of visiting and I never forget those penguins I saw there. anyway I continued my trip following route 62 and so besides J’Burg and Cape Town I visited much of other South African towns including Ashton, Bonnievale, Calitzdrop , Ceres and what was the most important the climate is perfect just like Mediterranean.
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