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Cape Town vs Johannesburg?

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Posted: 10/6/08 5:30 AM
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Hi, I'm interested in traveling to South Africa and I just can't decide what town to choose as my final destination. I've heard some stories about the Cape Town citizens and the dangers that can happen to tourists during their stay but I just can not resist the Camps Bay and the Garden Route with its beautiful nature. On the other hand Johannesburg is an amazing city that I would surely love to see.
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Posted: 10/8/08 6:23 PM
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Hi, from my experience I can definitely assure you that a good place to find accommodation would be Camps Bay which is known to be a safe zone for tourists looking from the criminality rate point of view. However many cases of white shark attacks on people have been reported in the past few years so on the other hand Camps Bay also has its life threatening side of a story. Cape town in general is a very dangerous place to be so if you are not ready for some serious adventure you better go somewhere else. Johannesburg is much more peaceful and friendlier place to spend some time. It has beautifully arranged street houses in comparison to Cape town where the difference between the rich and the poor is extremely visible.
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