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Cape Breton and Nova Scotia question

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Posted: 03/16/08 - 08:36    Post subject:

Hi! Me and my sons will spend this weekend in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. Everytime I take them to some cruise or fun on weekend I ususaly have some story about that place, that will make them more interested and more focused on world around them. I cant find any information about history of Cape Breton, so if you have any idea, please help!
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Posted: 03/23/08 - 03:00    Post subject:

Cape Breton Island's first residents were likely Maritime Archaic Indians, ancestors of the Mi'kmaq Nation, who later inhabited the island at the time of European discovery. Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) reportedly visited the island in 1497 to become the first Renaissance European explorer to visit present-day Canada. However, historians are unclear as to whether Cabot first visited Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island. This discovery is commemorated by Cape Breton's Cabot Trail.
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