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Canada in December and January

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Posted: 10/17/07 - 10:37    Post subject:

I would like to go to Canada this year, never been there. I know it can be snowy and cold but still nature is just wonderful. So I wonder how it is there in December and January, because I would really like to spend real winter time there, spending Christmas and New Year most likely.
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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
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Posted: 10/29/07 - 03:08    Post subject:

One its for sure, prepare your winter clothes. Although I was in Vancouver one December imagine my surprise, it rained. I was just being ready to do all the winter activities, making snowballs and annoy my friends with hitting them, but nope. I saw snow in some time in January. So most of the rainy days I spend in bars and during the day I went couple of times in Vancouver aquarium. I enjoyed the Vancouvers happenings, especially their Chinese New Year festival. They had some preview of the regular one in the end of the January. I must say not such a dull town as I thought.
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HugeAirlines Forum Index -> Travel to Canada -> Canada destinations – Reviews and experiences

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