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Canada east and west coast- best way to travel?

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Posted: 04/25/08 - 09:18    Post subject:

I have recently booked a holiday in Canada. I will be staying for some time on the west coast, and for the rest of the time on the east coast. I would like to know what is the best way to travel from one to the other, as I would not like to waste too much time for trips. Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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Posted: 05/13/08 - 00:25    Post subject:

Canada is really a big country and the good thing is that it has excellent roads and routes that make travel from one side of the country to the other relatively painless. The best way to arrive from west to the east coast is by plane. There is really a lot of companies that travel from, say Vancouver to Halifax, and you will certainly have no trouble getting into one. Also, you might get even a good deal on price of the flight if you choose the right company. Of course, if plane does not suit you, I suggest you rent a car. As I have said, the roads are excellent and you will not waste too much time that way either.
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