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Can you use earphones on Continental Onepass?

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Joined: 04 Jun 2005
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Posted: 06/15/08 - 05:35    Post subject:

It is been a while I havent flied with airplane and I usually am flying with Continental Onepass. Anyway whenever I am in the air I need to listen to my Discman and it is just that my colleague told me yesterday that I cant be using earphones on Continental Onepass. And the thing is that I have booked a flight with CO for tomorrow and having earphones on make my flight more comfortable so I am curious to hear if I can use earphones on Continental Onepass? Thanks!
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Joined: 09 Apr 2007
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Posted: 06/23/08 - 21:33    Post subject:

Well this time I think you will have to flight without your headset while flying for there are some new rules there on Continental Onepass and according to them you cant use earphones on CO. this is just for a precaution so you could hear emergency alarm or some important message related to the flight.
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