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Can you smoke on decks?

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Posted: 04/21/08 - 09:04    Post subject:

I am planning on having a cruising trip this summer and the problem is that I am passionate smoker and though this would be only a week or so cruising trip I am afraid I couldnt make it without cigarettes. The thing is that I have heard people saying that smoking is not allowed there on cruising ships not even on decks and I just wanted to check this out-so, can you smoke on decks?
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Joined: 25 Oct 2004
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Posted: 05/03/08 - 03:36    Post subject:

Sure you could smoke on decks but on the other hand in general smoking there on board is not allowed in cabins and its balcony for example so I think that deck is the only space where you could smoke. The thing is that each cruise line has its own rules regarding smoking so usually dinning room there are divided into smoking and non-smoking area but also there are some totally non-smoking ships not allowing you to smoke even on decks so watch out on this with specific cruise lines.
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