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Can you smoke at public places in Thailand?

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Posted: 9/2/11 5:49 AM
Joined: May 7, 2009

I am about to go to Thailand for this years vacation, and I am so happy that I will finally experience these paradise beaches, they look just like heaven. But I have one problem I am really addicted to smoking cigars and I am not sure how much of smoking freedom I will have in Thailand. Is smoking at public places allowed there?
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Posted: 9/27/11 11:12 PM
Joined: Aug 10, 2007

Hmm I think you should quit. Ah who am I kidding I smoke also. But I am just in a way telling you that YES smoking at public places is banned in Thailand, last year at the end of December. There was regulation even before about smoking in restaurants and bars, but from now on you will have to keep your hands from cigarettes in elevators, public transportation, at bus stops, public phone booths, libraries, drugstores, meeting rooms, theatres, children's playgrounds, massage parlors and spas. It is along list as you can see, thats why I said better quit smoking then or this regulation will do that for you, LOL
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