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Can you help with my 14 day Perth itinerary?

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Posted: 01/13/08 - 06:25    Post subject:

I and my girlfriend are going to Australia. We are going to visit many places and see many things. Since both of us have friends and relatives in Perth we are going to spend some fourteen days there. Can you help me with my 14 day Perth itinerary? I appreciate any suggestion.
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Posted: 02/12/08 - 03:09    Post subject:

Perth is a beautiful city. Your fourteen days will fly away in no time. You can find many fun activities in city centre, especially on the nice Swan River. I suggest you try some of the river cruises which operate along the river. You will spend several hours cruising in and out of the city. On some of them you can taste delicious food and enjoy music all along. If you want to enjoy the view you should go to the Kings Park and Botanic garden. A picnic in one of the recreation areas of the park is not a bad idea (I enjoyed it very much).There are many cycling and walking tracks so you can stay active. Also, if you like water fun sports, like I do, then you will enjoy your stay in Perth. If your girlfriend likes to go shopping (show me the one that doesn’t) you will find out that there are plenty opportunities like department stores, shopping malls as well as restaurants, cafes, food halls, etc. The most popular areas for serious shoppers are The Hay St Mall, Murray St Mall, Raine Square, Forest Chase, Barrack St and Kings Street, etc. A must-to-see spots: Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Perth Zoo, The Swan Bell Tower, Barracks Arch, The Perth Mint, The Old Mill, Burswood Park, London Court, Allan Green Observatory, Museum of Western Australia, Museum of Western Australia, Caversham Wildlife Park (hand feed a kangaroo or wallaby), AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia, formerly Underwater World), Perth Royal Show, Perth Observatory, Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) Museum, Swan Valley Vineyards, etc.
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