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Can you get extra beds at Hotel Barcelona Princess?

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Posted: 10/07/07 - 07:26    Post subject:

Were traveling to Barcelona next week and we booked a room at Barcelona Princess Hotel. The problem is that our friends decided to come with us and I think that all rooms are booked in advance. Wed like to be in the same hotel and Im wondering what the chances to get extra beds in that hotel are. Our friends ready to pay more in order to stay there.
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Joined: 03 Jun 2006
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Posted: 11/14/07 - 01:31    Post subject:

I all the rooms have been booked, the fact that they are ready to pay more in order to stay there doesnt mean anything. Well, it means bribery but I dont think thatll work. They can either wait and see whether somebody will cancel reservations or they can stay at some other hotel nearby, which is in my opinion, the best and least complicated solution, because you can still spend some time together. Finally, the option that is most likely to happen, you can ask the staff if there is a possibility to put an extra bed in your room and to pay the full amount of the price for the two of them.
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