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Can you get discount show tickets anywhere?

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Joined: 05 Aug 2005
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Posted: 08/28/07 - 04:42    Post subject:

I like shows in Vegas very much. I have seen various acts in the last couple of years. However, this year I will have somewhat lover budget, so I need to find out if there are any discount show tickets? Any kind of information would really be helpful to me. Thanks in advance.
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Joined: 16 Mar 2004
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Posted: 09/10/07 - 01:44    Post subject:

The biggest names performances are always sold out in advance, so do not count on that. For everything else, there is a chance. There are two services, Tickets2Nite and Tix4Night. They offer almost exactly the same - daily offering the tickets for individual shows. Sometimes you can save up to half the money of the original cost. One other type of discount are packages. Some hotels tend to offer from time to time a single price for a room and a show, which can sometimes be very good deal, and even better than when buying tickets only. The last option that I know of are discount coupons. You can look for that in Casino Perks, a coupon book that includes discount show tickets and also the coupons for gambling and eating. I hope you will find some combination that suits you!
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