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Can i see everything in Elblag by walking?

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Posted: 05/04/08 - 05:28    Post subject:

Hi! I suddenly decided to spend my summer vacation in Poland instead of going to the seaside. Now I am making my itinerary. I hope I'll be able to see quite a lot of things in ten days. My wish is to see Elblag. I don't know anything about the size of the town. Can I see everything in Elblag by walking?
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Joined: 18 Aug 2004
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Posted: 05/15/08 - 00:34    Post subject:

Elblag is a small town and there are not many things you can see there. It is a port becase Elblag River flows through it. Being a port is the most interesting fact about this city. You should walk along the banks of the Elblag river. This river flows into a larger river Vistula which flows futher into the Baltic Sea. Elblag canal is very attractive and you should see it. I don't know if you can walk around the city, but I suppose you can because it is not large. In case you can't walk, there is a streetcar. It's a cheap way of transport. St. Nicholas Cathedral is a part of the historical sightseeing of the town.
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