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Can I find a place to sleep in Gosainkunda?

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Posted: 08/11/08 - 06:34    Post subject:

I am going to be passing through Gosainkunda during my trip to Nepal. I have heard that Gosainkunda is very small, and as such I am wondering whether I can find a place to sleep over there, or whether it is so small that I should plan on moving to some larger town to sleep in when I go to the area?
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Posted: 09/02/08 - 23:12    Post subject:

There are so traditional tea houses in Gosainkunda. Over there, you will be able to book a room and sleep. They are nothing luxurious, but clean and interesting. Many people stay at those tea houses. If you have heard about Japanese ryokan, this is something similar. I would warmly recommend it to you.
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