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Can I catch a train from Amsterdam to Brussels?

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Posted: 05/31/09 - 09:31    Post subject:

I am going to a Netherlands and Belgium for my next holiday. Planning to stay few days in Amsterdam, enjoying a night life there and spend the rest of the days in Brussels. I am not looking for the flight because this could be the only time that I will get a chance to see both countries, so I decided to pick a train as my way of transportation from Amsterdam to Brussels. Could I catch any train for this destinations combo?
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Posted: 06/24/09 - 21:13    Post subject:

There is no problem getting a train for that kind of distance, especially since the InterCity Brussel exists. This train runs 15 times a day, so you could board the train at Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol, just pick an hour for that action. To reach your final destination, it would take 5 hours of your time, two hours to Antwerp plus three hours to Brussels, because this is not a fast train. Although they made some renovations in year 2004 as I heard and people talk that it took them 3 hours to pass this distance, so maybe number of needed travel hours to pass Amsterdam-Brussels distance has really been changed meanwhile. In Brussels this train stops at Brussels Nord, Brussels Central and Brussels Zuid/Midi. I think traveling with these ones is rather comfy, no one that I have known ever complained. Ticket suppose to be around 40 euros, but pay attention before you order any if there is some kind of weekend discount available to you.
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Born To Die

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Posted: 10/07/09 - 08:01    Post subject:

catch an east midlands train to london st pancras, then catch a eurostar to brussels zuid (brussels south), then catch a thalys train to amsterdam
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