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Camping and hiking in Denali NP

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Posted: 3/15/09 6:01 AM
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Hi! Me and my friends are planning to visit Denali this summer. And believe me, we dont want to know a thing concerning hotels there. Were free spirit guys interested in hiking and camping. Can someone tell us more about it? I hope the camping is legal there. Thanks for information.
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Posted: 4/13/09 7:15 PM
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I suggest you make your reservations few days in advance. There are seven good and organized camps in Denali. If you plan to drive to Denali be sure to full the tank, theres no gas station near the Park. The nature is wild, and you can not expect to find hikers trails there. The terrain is full of surprises, so bring your hiking gear and boots.
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Posted: 12/24/09 3:33 AM
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Denali National Park and Preserve has seven campgrounds with a total of 291 sites. The campgrounds are Igloo Creek, Morino Backpacker, Riley Creek, Sanctuary River, Savage River, Teklanika River and Wonder Lake. You may camp a total of 14 days in Park Service campgrounds.During the busy summer months Denali National Park visitors must travel into the park on shuttle buses to photograph, hike and camp in most of the park. You may get off the bus to hike, backpack or photograph and then return on a later bus.
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