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Calgary to Edmonton route

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Posted: 03/11/08 - 10:09    Post subject:

Hi! My dear friend and I decided to find new route for our biking trips. We were in Italy, France, Spain and Germany. This time we taught we should pick something more exotic and far from home. Decision was made last night, we will try to pass Calgary-Edmonton route. Can you tell me something about that corridor? Some data would be helpful, like whats the nearest airport.
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Posted: 04/02/08 - 03:07    Post subject:

The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is a geographical region of the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the most urbanized region in the province and one of the densest in Canada. Measured from north to south, the region covers a distance of roughly 400 kilometers. The region also has two major international airports, located in Calgary (Calgary International) and Edmonton Capital Region (Edmonton International).
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