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Calcutta hotel rooms!

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Posted: 08/27/08 - 04:43    Post subject:

Hi! In five days I will be far away from Europe, in India to be precise, and as Ive never visited another continent Im a little insecure about how is it all functions in Asia. I would like someone to help me choose a hotel in Calcutta. The most important thing is the hygiene of the room and toilet. I wouldnt like to contract malaria while there.
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Posted: 09/17/08 - 01:30    Post subject:

I would advise you surely to pick the well equipped ones if the money is not the problem. Usually in low budget ones or in hostels you have to share the bathroom so it is a bit of a problem. I can recommend you both expensive and the cheap ones, so its up to you to choose. Fairlawn hotel is a budget hotel along with Astoria, Samilton and Park Palace. I stayed at that hotel and it has a separate shower, air-conditioning, TV, phone etc. Five star hotels are Sonar Bengal Sheraton, Tay Bengal, Hyatt Regency and they have excellent service. The four star ones are the Kenilworth and Peerless Inn where I also stayed once and was pleased with the rooms and the service provided.
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