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Posted: 10/03/07 - 09:43    Post subject:

I had a cruise with Costa Magica last winter it started exactly on Jan. 28, 2007. And though I figured out the Mediterranean is beautiful but it is just that I have made a timing mistake, for the weather was so bad and rainy and I was so bored. But I actually an planning on experiencing the really sunny Mediterranean this summer and would like doing it again with Costa Magica so I would appreciate some good advice on what Mediterranean cruising to choose this time.
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Posted: 11/02/07 - 01:22    Post subject:

I would suggest you choose this Western and Southern Mediterranean cruising with Costa Magica for I had the same cruise last summer and I am still excited about it I mean I never thought that Mediterrenian could be so beautiful. Anyway I first had a flight to Rome and we have some sightseeing there visiting all those famous Rome sites and anyway the next day we departed with Costa Magica from a little Rome port Civitavecchia that is about an hour far away from the city. I went on this cruise with my kids and there you have on this ship-I suppose you already know it- well organized kids program and you could leave them on the ship guarded by the stuff if you want have those shore excursions alone but I was going with my kids everywhere. Anyway those shore excursions are about to paid separated so that means cruise price doesnt involves them anyway it was worth each $ for while on cruising we visited Rome, Savona a little Italian port near Genoa and than we headed toward Spain and visited Barcelona-what a city I could leave there trust me then you go visit Balearics or Plalma de Mallorca more precisely. Afterwards you head south visiting Tunis and than La Valetta the capital of Malta. And on your cruise back you also visit Palermo in Sicily and you are back the 7th day in Rome again. You know what I had such great time with this Costa Magica cruising than I plan on doing it again and maybe it wont be that bad having an Mediterranean experience in the middle of Jan, who knows.
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