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CDG to Brussels - best way to go?

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Posted: 03/24/08 - 10:36    Post subject:

I have one dilemma.Im planing a trip from Paris to Brussels.My problem is should i take a train or simply rent a car?I will have four more friends with me and the only thing we saw is that the train ticket is comparable to the cost of renting a car.I don't have any idea which way is better,cheaper and more comfortable.So,i hope you have an answer to my big dilemma,CDG to Brussels-best way to go?
Thank you in advance.
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Posted: 03/27/08 - 03:50    Post subject:

There is one direct train from CDG to Brussels.It's TGV's and it runs every three hours.On the other hand,the drive between CDG and Brussels is an easy one with a good highway. It generally takes about 3 hours. But once you get into Brussels it can be quite an adventure, especially if it's your first time doing so....I prefer the train, it's quick and relaxing. However,taking the train means carrying all your stuff up and down stairs, corridors and huge stations...So,i guess you should just see is it easier to drive,be nervous because of the traffic jam and be tired of it.Or,just take the train,sleep,relax and be fresh when you get to Brussels.
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