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Business First vs. American Airlines Business Class

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Joined: 25 Feb 2006
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Posted: 02/19/08 - 05:00    Post subject:

Hello. Im a little confused since I dont fly so often. I have to decide whether to choose Business First or Business Class of American Airlines. What is the actual difference between these two options and how to pick the right choice considering the price? Essentially, money is not the problem but I dont want to overpay. Thanks.
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Joined: 01 Nov 2004
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Posted: 02/24/08 - 00:24    Post subject:

You dont have to worry too much, because the difference is just, so to speak, semantic. Certain airlines name their business class Business First and there is nothing basically different, neither when it comes to service they offer nor the comfort of seats. Im not sure about the ticket price, but I suppose that it has to do with the airline itself. So, whatever you decide, itll be ok.

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