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Bus or plane from Arenal to Manuel Antonio?

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Posted: 06/18/08 - 07:28    Post subject:

Costa Rica is great! I cant wait to see Arenal Volcano tomorrow! Im a bit afraid because Ive heard that there are minor eruptions almost every hour, but I want to see it very much and I cant resist it despite my fear. After that, the next destination is Manuel Antonio National Park. Im wondering whether we should go by bus or by plane. What do you recommend?
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Posted: 06/24/08 - 01:00    Post subject:

First of all, Id recommend you not to be afraid. You probably dont know that this is one of the safest volcanoes for visitors, because its frequent eruptions are relatively moderate. Id also suggest you to visit it during the night when eruptions of molten lava create magnificent and spectacular views. Arenal Volcano is located about 90 miles north-west from San Jose while Manuel Antonio National Park is about 130 miles south of San Jose. Its located on the Pacific Coast and its the smallest of all national parks if Costa Rica. Many tourists visit it because of its beautiful beaches and biodiversity. But there is a regulation that all visitors must leave the park at 04 p.m. because tides sometimes bring crocodiles in the area. Id suggest you to travel by plane because youll save time and its less exhausting.
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