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Budget Trip at the Carribean Islands?

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Posted: 03/25/08 - 09:56    Post subject:

How much money should I bring if I want to have a nice time at the Carribean Islands? I was planning to go with two more friends and I will be paying just for myself. We were planning to stay for about two weeks and we would like to have stay and have meals in one place. So tell me on how much should I count for budget trip at the Carribean Islands
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Joined: 18 Jun 2006
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Posted: 04/01/08 - 21:33    Post subject:

You didnt give me much to go on. How much money you will need on depends on the kind of good time you expect to have there. If you plan to lie all day at the beach can be cheap, but it depends if you want to have some extra activities except getting some sun tan. Also you didnt say what kind of service are you expecting from your hotel, you have bed and breakfast type, or all inclusive. Anyway I think you should take as much money as you can, because it will not be money foolishly spent I am sure. Caribbean Islands are not something you can visit every day.
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HugeAirlines Forum Index -> Travel to Central America and The Caribbean -> The Caribbean destinations – Reviews and experiences

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